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Welcome to The Safe Space

The Safe Space.

A free 24/7 online support helpline, for children and adolescents globally.

Mental health can be a tough thing to deal with while growing up.
Stress. Anxiety. Bullying. Sex. Depression. Pubertal changes. Peer Pressure.

All of this, while navigating through the maze of school life seems challenging, doesn’t it? That’s why we the doctors here, at Team Safe Space, have started this non-profit initiative to help out young ones to take care of their mental health on a day to day basis. Read more to find out about who we are, and what we do!

About Us

Who are we & What do we do?

We believe in a world where every child has access to free mental health support. We believe in a world where mental health is de-stigmatized, and every child is free to talk about their problems without fears of repercussion. We believe in free and easy accessibility of resources and helplines for mental health, globally.

While the COVID 19 pandemic has highlighted violence, racism, poverty and humanitarian crises as significant risk factors for child and adolescent mental health, the topic remains largely untouched. Children seeking help often face stigma and struggle to access basic mental health services and care.

We are a team of 40+ doctors from all around the world, gathered in one team with one mission – making mental health resources more accessible to all children and adolescents worldwide. This is what The Safe Space stands for, and this is what we aim to achieve with our free 24/7 online support line.

Mental Health Crisis in Children: A Reality

Our free Discord Helpline: One Tiny Step to Help

The uncertainty, isolation and loss around COVID 19 are profoundly impacting children everywhere. Over the last six months, parents, teachers and childcare providers around the world have asked so much of children: to stay home, to wait, to wash their hands and wear masks and be brave in the face of crisis. None of these pressures come without consequences- all of them together could impact the social and emotional development, and well being of an entire generation.

Our small step to help with the mental health and well being of little ones, is our free discord helpline. With our anonymous helpline, children from all over the world will have access to talk to a medical professional round the clock. We provide an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on, while gently helping children to stand their ground in the testing times of today’s world. The anonymity of our helpline provides a safe space for children to truly express themselves, and seek support in times of need.

All of our volunteers are medical professionals from around the world, who have undergone training with a clinical psychiatrist in basic therapy, listening and guiding techniques. In times of acute crisis, we are equipped with global helplines to adequately help the child in need. Our free discord helpline is linked below, feel free to check it out!


Dr Chaithanya Avanthika, Founder

Dr Ramya Balasubramanian, Head of Operations


Dr Rudrakshi Shetty, Head of Social Media

Dr Rishka Trivedi, Head of Logistics


Dr Tatyana Milenia, Head of Logistics

Dr Sharan Jhaveri, Head of Outreach and Communications

Dr Manan Thakrar (Mentor- Safe Space)

I am a board certified psychiatrist: MD Psychiatry (India), MRCP Psychiatry (UK). currently practising in the UK. In my free time, I am a weekly columnist for Divyabhaskar and Nobat newspapers, based in India. I am also a 4 time TEDx speaker and the youngest doctor to give a TEDx talk in India!

Meet Our Volunteers!

The backbone of Safe Space!

All of our volunteers are members of the medical fraternity, trained in basic therapy, listening and guiding skills by our psychiatrist mentor. Complete anonymity will be maintained by our volunteers while working with our helpline. To join this dynamic team, click on the link below!

Dr Nishu Yadav

Dr Gaurang Narayan

Dr Cristian Davalos

Dr Preetisha Das

Dr Adnan Karjagi

Dr Divya Sharma

Dr Palak Shah

Dr Pawani Kher

Dr Sindhu Hegde

Dr Akankshi Oberoi

Dr Maanya Rajasree

Dr Neerja Shah

Dr Neha Veerabose

Dr Praju Karki

Dr Jay Patel

Dr Akshat Ritesh Shah

Dr Kamalika Mozumder

Dr Maria Davis

Dr Saurav Aryal

Dr Mehak Dagar

Dr Idris Abubakar

Dr Vinayak Patil

Dr Sai Sudha Valisekka

Dr Nilofar Vora

Dr Ayushi Mistry

Dr Karishma Desai

Dr Harshitha A

Dr Sana Ahmed

Dr Sheral Raina

Dr Flinta Rodriguez

Dr Haruna Sinyang

Dr Gayatri Gandrakota

Dr Swathi Menon

Dr Tanvi Jain

Dr Pragathi Munnangi

Dr Shruthi Venkatasubramani

Dr Shreya Sridhar

Dr Vidhi Wadhwani

Dr Gurinder Jeet Singh

Dr Carolina Espin

Dr Dhruvish Mistry

Dr Anjali Patel

Dr Shagufta Khan

Dr Pahel Agarwal

Dr Gauri Pikale

Dr Juliet Johnson

Dr Sheethal Seelamanthula

Dr Ishita Gupta

Dr Ganesh Prasanna

Dr Ruchita Kamera

Dr Anisha Gemmy

Dr Jaint Maheshwari

Dr Madhu C.S

Dr Anuhya Tejaswi Gunti

Dr Raavi Singhal

Dr Adwitiya Parmar

Dr Namratha Edpuganti

Dr Harshal Patel


Social Media Team

Dr Aditya, Dr Divya and Dr Maanya

Social Media Team

Dr Anisha, Dr Gauri and Dr Ganesh


Dr Nilofer, Dr Carolina, Dr Preetisha, Dr Sana and Dr Tejaswini

Dr Ayushi, Dr Anjali, Dr Palak and Dr Pawani Kher

Dr Dhruvish, Dr Jay, Dr Anuhya and Dr Kamalika M


What People Say

“Since the pandemic, more young people than ever before are struggling to cope with their mental health. Really impressed with this wonderful initiative that would offer much needed support during these challenging times.”

-Dr Shruti Niraj, Clinical Psychologist, United Kingdom

“Wonderful job in helping to reach kids that need us, from places all over the world. Hats off to these budding doctors and paediatricians for taking this initiative to improve mental health of children and adolescents worldwide, this will surely make a difference!”

-Dr N Chaithanya Datta, Pediatrician, India

Become a Volunteer with The Safe Space

With the aim of helping as many children as possible all over the world, we always are looking for enthusiastic volunteers. If you are a doctor or a medical student willing to join our dynamic team, please contact us for more information on how you can help or contribute to this initiative.

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